P&G Gillette Proglide Manual Spare Blade 8B Spare Blade 8 Pieces Included

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Gillette 5-blade series, close shave type Precise, optimal range of motion Equipped with a 24-degree flex ball head Adhesion to uneven skin To achieve zero unshave Can be used with all Proglide, Fusion, and Skin Guard holders.
Ultra-thin 5-blade with micro-comb Adhesion to the unevenness of the skin to eliminate unshaving Mineral oil blended gel smoother: For a smooth shave.
Ultra-thin 5-blade with micro comb: Minimize snagging on the skin with the best ultra-thin blade in Gillette history. 19% less pressure on the skin**.
**Comparison with Custom Plus 3 When replacing blades, we recommend that you always replace one new shaving blade = one month.
It's a knife.
Do not use for purposes other than shaving.
After use, wash the cutting edge, drain the water well, and keep out of reach of children.
When using, please use our company's shaving gel, etc., and be careful not to let the blade slide sideways.
The blade may be damaged if the holder is dropped.
In such a case, replace it with a new spare blade and use it.
Do not modify or disassemble as it may cause injury.
Includes 8 spare blades
P&G Japan Co., Ltd.
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P&G Japan LLC

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