Home visit by a pharmacist (home visit)

This is a paid service that uses medical insurance and long-term care insurance. The Sundrug Group's dispensing pharmacies visit patients' homes and nursing homes to manage their medications and provide medication guidance and support.

Have you ever taken the wrong medicine or forgot to take it?

If there is a high risk of forgetting to take or taking the wrong dose,
The medicine will be packed separately for each usage and brought to you.
Elderly patients who live alone and find it difficult to visit the pharmacy, patients who cannot carry heavy medicines such as enteral nutrition, and patients who have a lot of leftover medicine at home. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.
In order to reduce the burden not only on patients but also on their families,
We will make various proposals.

Adult Diaper Free Delivery Service

Order one box and we will deliver it to your home for free.

use the service


A.In order to start, you need a visit order from your doctor.

Please consult with a Sundrug Group dispensing pharmacy near your home.

A. The cost varies depending on the insurance used and the situation in the area where you live.
For example, a patient who only pays 10% with medical insurance costs around 500 yen per visit, in addition to the cost of medicine. In some cases, there is no burden due to the use of long-term care insurance or public expenses.

If you have any questions, please consult your local Sundrug dispensing pharmacy.