Confirmation of health insurance card and medicine notebook

If there is an error in the health insurance card number when dispensing insurance, it will not be possible to claim correctly, so the pharmacy will check the health insurance card once a month.
The medicine notebook plays an important role in confirming concomitant medicines and overlapping medicines. We recommend that you carry it with you.
We actively recommend generic drugs to reduce medical expenses.
You may be able to reduce the number of prescription days, etc., after confirming whether you have any leftover medicine and inquiring with your doctor.

Enter while confirming prescription dates, incomplete entries, and whether or not there are duplicate prescriptions

The expiration date of the prescription is 4 days including the prescription date, so check the prescription date.
We will enter the prescription details while checking for incomplete entries and duplicate prescriptions.
Check with your prescribing doctor if you have any questions.

Tablets are pulverized and packaged according to the timing of taking the medicine and handed over

For patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets, we crush and divide the tablets before handing them to them, and we sometimes pack medicines that are taken at the same timing and pack them together.
However, some medicines cannot be pulverized or packaged.

At Sundrug, we use handy scanners (pharmaceutical verification terminals) as a measure to prevent human error in advance, eliminating mistakes in taking medicines and incorrect amounts, and protecting patient safety.

Final confirmation of medicine

We will check carefully to ensure that you can take your medicine safely.
・Is the content of the prescription correct? ・Is the content of the prescription correct?
・Is it safe to use it together with the medicines listed in the medicine notebook?
Are there any allergies or side effects?
・Is the interval between visits appropriate?
・Is there any foreign matter in the powder or syrup?

Explanation of effects, how to take, how to use, etc., and consultation on worries about medicine

In addition to explaining the efficacy, how to take, how to store, and how to use, we also explain side effects such as drowsiness and diarrhea, tell you what to be careful about, and consult about your worries about medicine.
After giving medication guidance, we will create a medication record for the patient.
We record changes in physical condition and forgetting to take medicines, and take over so that we can deliver medicines more safely at the next visit.