Bath Roman Cloudy Bath Citrus Fragrance 600g

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●Contains a high concentration of hot spring ingredients (sodium sulfate): Enhances the effect of hot baths, promotes blood circulation, and is effective for cold sensitivity, recovery from fatigue, and stiff shoulders. A veil of ions envelops your entire body, keeping you warm and warm even after you get out of the bath.
Contains vitamin C (moisturizing ingredient) and yuzu essential oil (fragrance)
●The concentrated fragrance spreads in an instant! : Relaxing citrus scent with natural essence spreads throughout the bathroom. Finished with a gentle scent that makes you feel warm.
Contains natural chamomile extract that is gentle on the skin (moisturizing ingredient)
Contains chlorine-removing ingredients that soften the tingling sensation of Sarayu.
Allergy-tested (Not all people are allergic.)
●Can be used when bathing with a baby (3 months or older).
Water-resistant barrier container: Conducted a showering test assuming storage in the bathroom for 30 days
●Environmentally friendly container: Uses approximately 77% recycled pulp (paper portion of container body)
Approximately 30 servings *When using 20g

[Fragrance] Relaxing citrus scent
[Hot water color] Milky yellow hot water (cloudy)


Fatigue recovery, cold sensitivity, stiff shoulders, back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, dryness, heat rash, eczema, acne, cracks, frostbite, chapped skin, bruises, sprains, cold sensitivity before and after childbirth
[Active ingredients] Dry sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate [Other ingredients] Ti oxide, silicic anhydride, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylic acid, glycine, chamomile extract-1, ascorbic acid, ginger extract, ethanol, dry sulfuric acid Na, PEG stearate, POE (300) POP (55), bentonite, soap base, fragrance, yellow 202 (1)
Earth Pharmaceutical
bath romance

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